"No One Does it Better!"
(c) Dick Parrott Photography 
At Dick Parrott Photography, every client is an individual and treated accordingly. No mass produced static sittings and no corner cutting. Quality, tailored to the desires of the client is the rule. We seek to find the inner person and bring out the individuals personality in our special function photography, engagement photos, bridal portraits, weddings, family portraits, and even our pet portraits. Custom tailored sittings and custom planned weddings are and have always been our hallmark. Our style is to enhance your experience, no matter the subject!
Our formal training and years of experience provide us with the ability to create unusual and exciting presentations.

At Dick Parrott Photography, we make a promise that all products are unique to each client. While there are levels of involvement and different finished product, the client is presented with a clear understanding of cost. We do not quote prices over the telephone. Without a face to face consultation, we have no idea where you, the client, would like to go until we sit and plan. This is the primary reason why we do not sell packages.

With forty (40) years of photographic experience, that includes but is not limited to 1,100 weddings, and thousands of portraits, we have a thorough understanding of our business and will make every effort to carry through our commitment to you.
Weddings are a mix of traditional, as well as many journalistic or candid photographs that are relevant to the day. Our stand is that every sitting or wedding is unique, just as every client is different. The goal is to provide a finished product that is creative and visually stimulating.

Our commitment to quality is using the highest quality professional grade equipment.